Blueberry Peach Crumble Bars: Dessert OR Breakfast!

Uhhohh. So pleased to tell you that I’m writing this at 11:30am…on a Monday…from my couch! Whoop!! Week off, what could be better! Let me share how I started my day. Sleeping in, chocolate protein shake, INSANITY workout, leftover piece of skinny french toast on whole wheat…cold. (no butter!) Take a light spread of peanut butter over it and thinly sliced strawberries. Amazing workout recovery snack before dining out for lunch with momma! 🙂

The base crust pressed into the pan

Love, love, love fruit. Love, love, love granola bars. Love,love, love a delicious crumble. = WIN!! I found a recipe for  Oat Crumble Bars from “17 and Baking” (she’s amazing, it’s disgusting how accomplished she is at such a young age). Well I took it and wanted to remove some of the processed sugars/fat, add some more fruit to really make it fresh and summer-y to really make it my own. (not to mention a great picnic or potluck dish)

Fruit Pile!

Confession: Something that makes this recipe amazing…serve it cold, and it’s a fast and convenient snack. Just cut in the bars for on the go. Need more than one? Wrap them individually in parchment or wax paper tied at the top with string (you know, for cuteness) Serve it warm right out of the oven…and it’s dessert. Double play, and super quick to make!

jam dropped!

Fruit Tip       : Hate finding the perfect fruit recipe but the fruit its so expensive you think you might have to sell your first-born child to cover it?! Change your recipe, or stalk up when it’s on sale! I always roam down the frozen fruit isles to look for sales. Blueberries and strawberries are in season and you can get them for under $2 bucks, buy lots…and freeze them! Note in this post, how the original recipe used Raspberry Jam. Pssht…raspberries were super expensive and I had blueberries AND peaches on hand. yes!

Ok Here’ my recipe for Breakfast/OR Dessert Crumble, enjoy!

1 1/4 cups flour

1/3 cup packed light brown sugar

1/4 tsp salt

1 stick (8tbsp) cold unsalted butter, cut into pieces

2 tablespoons milk

1 1/2 cups old-fashioned oats

2 tablespoons of jam of your choice (i’d probably omit this altogether next time, didn’t need it with all the fruit I added)

1/2-3/4 cup of blueberries (eyeball it depending on your pan. I used a 8×8. You don’t want too much because then it will get soggy and won’t make good bars.

1/2 cup of peaches (I sliced them in half)

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

Mix the flour, sugar, and salt in a the bowl, then add the butter. I use my hands or a pasty blender. Blend in the milk. (This can also be done with a food processor or an electric mixer, or even a fork and man power.) Transfer the dough-bits to a bowl and knead in the oats until well combined.

Put 3/4 cup dough off to the side (this will be used as the crumble.) Press the rest of the dough evenly into a buttered 8×8″ metal baking pan (I lined the pan with parchment paper). Dollop the jam and spread even with a spoon (if you choose to use the jam, otherwise skip this.)Spread the fruit evenly then crumble the reserved dough evenly over the top.

Bake in the center of the oven until golden, 20 minutes, and cool completely in the pan on a rack. Use a knife to loosen the sides, lift it out, and cut into bars on a cutting board.

Bite Size!


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